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People in Climbing: Coleman Becker

Coleman Becker, a photographer from Tempe, Arizona, who blends artificial light with nature in his climbing photos. He shares insights into his passion, challenges, and creative process, aiming to turn photography into a full-time career. Follow Coleman’s journey as he strives to excel in his craft.
People in Climbing: Coleman Becker


I decided to start a new series called "People in Climbing".

This is my way to share the stories of the people in the climbing industry who inspire me.

Whether they are other photographers, athletes, editors, or writers. Climbing unites us all and I want to share that energy.

Coleman Becker

This month I'm featuring Coleman Becker. Coleman is a photographer and former climber based out of Tempe, Arizona.

I always appreciate seeing some artificial light in nature, and Coleman does a good job using lights to accentuate his unique compositions.

Coleman shares what makes him tick below, and what some of his goals are for his business and his work.


Q: How did you get your start in outdoor media? What was the turning point when you realized you could turn it into a profession?

I have been taking photos of Rock Climbing since I started climbing when I was 13 years old. I have always thought it was an amazing passion of peoples that I needed to capture.

I have not yet made it a profession of mine but can't wait to! I would love to make my love for photography into a paying job. Every photographers dream!

Q: As a creative business owner how do you structure your days?

Any time I have before or after my day job is spent creating ideas and thinking how I want to execute them.

My weekends are when I get my chance to really shoot. My ideas tend to be backed up because I don't have enough time to execute them all.

Q: Who inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

I have to give credit to my aunt who really got me started in photography at such a young age.

Without her constant weekend photo adventures she took me on I wouldn't be where I am today.

Q: What is your biggest challenge as a creative?

My biggest challenge is Marketing myself. I always thought my photos would do the talking and all I would have to do is sit back and wait for businesses to beg for me.

Sadly, thats not how life works and I have realized that over the past few years that if you want something YOU have to go and get it. Word of advice, email, call, write to, communicate with people. Make yourself known!

Q: Where and how do you work best?

I work best with the subject in the moment as I see them climb, as I see their mannerisms, as I see their strengths.

My vision of what I want depends on the subject. To me thats the fun of photography. Capturing that persons strengths or weakness is what I like to portray in my photos.

Q: If you had to start your business over what would you do differently?

If I had to start my photography over I would like to focus on my media platform more and how I showcase my work.

Because Instagram has a row of 3 photos, I should be incorporating a story some how to get my viewers more involved and excited to see whats to come.

Q: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned along the way?

My most valuable lesson I have learned would have to come back to marketing.

Before these past few years my marketing skills were zero to none and now that I have got some practice talking to many professional photographers, I'm not as afraid of what the response will be when I put myself out there.

Q: Who do you consider your target market?

My target market is adventurers but more specifically rock climbers. My passion and life style is rock climbing so I expect my viewers to have the same passion.

Expanding my audience is definitely in the works as I find new hobbies like Yoga and slackening I will be putting more media out.

Q: What has been your hardest and most rewarding project?

My most rewarding project would have to be my photo in the Lava tubes of Arizona.

I spent multiple visits looking for the perfect composition and fortunately for me it resulted in me winning 1st place on the Welcome Arizona website.

To this day I still think I could retake that photo better.

Q: What are your biggest outdoor fitness/adventure goals for the next season?

I used to compete in USA Climbing when I was younger and was soooo much better then I am today so my 2017 resolution was actually to become better or as good as I used to be.


I hope you've enjoyed learning about Coleman. To see more of his work check out his website, or follow him on Instagram.