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Intro Wonder what photography and rock climbing have a couple things in common? Gear, and pontificating about the right gear for the right job. This week I’ll be sharing the best cameras for casual and semi-pro photographers to carry for climbing. Regular Joe Dirt Bag or Semi-Pro Climbing is always pretty inspiring, and at least 90% of the time the views are more epic at the top of a hard route.

Dog chilling in a suitcase Its really hard to find the time to shoot photos or film while traveling on holiday. Or maybe its not? You can dramatically increase your odds of taking great adventure photos and getting your family and friends on board… In today’s post I’m going to explain exactly how I make time to create quality adventure photography while traveling. Make it Easy We all know that amazing photographs are a mix of great moments and great light.

Intro If you’re like me you are always on the look out for new inspiring climbing photos and adventures. Rest assured I’ve gathered a great list of people to make your search for stoke a little easier. Today I’ll 15 of my favorite rock climbing, bouldering, and adventure photographers. Content Michael Lim: Instagram The connections, adventures, and spirit of climbing are clear in Michael’s photos. I love Michael’s use of contrast and colors and hope you give him a follow.

You’ll agree with me when I say: It is hard to take rock climbing photographs that are interesting. You can improve your odds of landing awesome climbing photos by following 10 simple tips. And in today’s post, I’m going to share those tips so you can land one of a kind shots. And in today’s post, I’m going to share those tips so you can land one of a kind shots.

I’m excited to welcome a new Sony A7ii camera to my toolbox. This camera has me rethinking everything I know about photography. Here are the 10 reasons I’m considering the move to mirrorless. Lighter, Faster, Stronger Cramming equipment into small bags is a required skill for me. Yes, weight is a concern, but it is about being fast and nimble. This is so much easier when you have small, lightweight equipment.