Have you ever wondered what kind of gear a climbing photographer brings along to the crags?

In this follow up post to shooting climbing photos like a boss I’m at Classic Crack at Broughton Bluff, OR.

I’m sharing the systems I use while I’m on a route to move swiftly and do my work.

If you watch this you’ll learn:

  • What bags I take to carry my climbing and photography gear for a day of shooting.
  • What climbing equipment I use to shoot sport or trad climbing.
  • What camera equipment I use for shooting stills and video.
  • How I use my ascender kit to move up and down a static line.
  • How I keep my camera equipment safe while shooting.
  • What the essentials are for shooting rock climbing.

What goes with me?

  • Ascender Kit
    • Etrier
    • Ascender
    • Biners
  • TOPO Designs Light/Hip Pack
  • Sony A7ii
  • Sony 16-35mm f/4
  • Sony 70-200 f/4
  • Peak Design Leash
  • Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket
  • SD Cards
  • Lens Cloth
  • TOPO Design Pouch:
    • Batteries
    • Misc parts. i.e. allen wrenches, screws, Peak Design anchors.

Parting Thoughts

Big shout out to my friends at TOPO Designs for making sick and durable products. Check them out at